WG 3 - Entrepreneurial models of Urban Agriculture

UA has extensive public interest, but it is not a sector of the public economy: the most important stakeholders of Urban Agriculture are the farmers that run businesses, often family owned, in urban and peri-urban areas. Existing research has proven that the entrepreneurial models of UA differ in many ways from those in rural areas. This is partly due to issues urban farmers have to cope with but also to opportunities they can use in offering far more than classic food products to the market (like environmental and public services, pedagogic and leisure activities, special products etc.).
WG 3 will analyse and evaluate the entrepreneurial models that have developed in the partner countries through an inventory of case-studies and establish a catalogue presenting their characteristics, success factors and income potentials amongst other aspects, to allow knowledge transfer among the partner countries that create innovation.

Working Group Chairs

Wolf Lorleberg, Pedro Mendes Moreira

Working Group Members

Óscar Alfranca-Burriel, Elisabete Alves, Gunilla Andersson, Bourdin, David, Cláudia Brites, Andrea Claus-KruppConor Dennehy, Alexandra Doernberg, Giulia Giacche, Avigail Heller, Sibylle Henter, Kristine Herkströter, Zoe Heuschkel, Haissam Jijakli, Galia Koleva, Vibeke Langer, Bozena Matysiak, Pedro Mendes Moreira, Anna Birgitte Milford, Paola Migliorini, André Miguel, Marcus Mergenthaler, Terje Ong, Oleg Paulen, Bernd Pölling, María-José Prados, Andreas Spornberger, Helene WeissingerBiancamaria Torquati, Kristin Vala RagnarsdottirBruno Ronchi, Anke Schirocki, Luis Seguí Amortegui, Dariusz Sochacki, Wojciech Sroka, Luisa Vogt, Christiane Wildraut,  Janina Wiesmann, Hans Wydler, Andrea Zarotti, Andreas Ulbrich, Guido Recke,

Working Group Followers

Johan Barstad, Mary Benson, Paola Branduini, Lea Egloff, Ellen Marie Forsberg, Denise Kemper, Sylvie ParadisHenk Renting, Chiara Tornaghi, Esther Veen, Daan De Vree, Kang Zhao