Report form 5th Management Committee and 4th Working Group Meeting of the COST Action TD 1106 Urban Agriculture Europe

The meeting took place on April 2 – 4, 2014 in Warsaw at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture, department of Landscape Architecture). This event had honorary patronage of the Rector of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Polish Television.

Program of the meeting included: 1 plenary session, fieldtrip, 3 working groups  sessions and 1 closing session. Welcome addresses were delivered by prof. Kazimierz Banasik, Rector’s Attorney for International Research Projects and Prof. Frank Lohrberg, Chair of the Action who also described the Action’s work progress. 

During plenary session their speeches presented:

  • Keynote speaker:  Prof. Elizabeth Brabec (Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at the University of Massachusetts Amherst): Urban agriculture – new concepts and ideas
  • Barbara Szulczewska (Department of Landscape Architecture, Warsaw University of Life sciences): U.rban agriculture in Polish cities, development constrains and possibilities
  • Tomasz Sławiński (Deputy Director of Mazovia Regional Planning Office): Suburbanization and urban sprawl in Warsaw's functional area and their  potential impact on future development
  • Kazimierz Wiech (Member of Działkowiec Editorial Board, Representative of the National Council of Polish Association of Allotment Gardens): Family allotment gardens in Poland. Tradition and current state.
  • Iga Kołodziej (Representative of NGO): Warsaw Urban Agriculture, early-birds initatives

Fieldtrip entitled Agriculture in Warsaw and Warsaw Metropolitan Area was guided by Mirosław Grochowski (geographer from Faculty of Geography, Warsaw University). It included the following main points:  Family Allotment Garden “Ursynów”, Suburban horticulture of Jerzy Zdunek (Municipality of Nowa Iwiczna), “New spatial settings” of Warsaw’s outskirts and Eco-Farm: Four Seasons in Powsin.

The working groups’ sessions were dedicated to specific tasks which had been agreed before meeting among the Chairs and WG participants. Results of the discussions as well as plans for future steps were presented during closing session.

Documentation 4th WG Meeting, Warsaw
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4th WG Meeting Warsaw -final programme-
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