COST Action Urban Agriculture Europe organises different types of events throughout Europe that allow intensive work on the research subject and insights to the different practises and contexts of Urban Agriculture in Europe. All events are held in COST UAE reference regions which allows grounding the academic work in field experience and research.

Working Group meetings and Conferences – are the most important events of the Action where participants come together to discuss their national research results and develop a European perspective on Urban Agriculture. Every meeting or conference consist of three elements: public presentations and discussions, where researcher from COST UAE discuss Urban Agriculture with regional stakeholders and interested guests; closed Working Group sessions where the participation researchers discuss the WG subjects in parallel and plenary sessions; field trips to visit best practices in the reference region as well as places where the future development of Urban Agriculture is at stake.

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) – are an important tool for the reference regions and the Early Stage Researchers engaged in COST Urban Agriculture Europe. They allow a deeper study of Urban Agriculture issues in a reference region. Early Stage Researchers can use STSMs to experience new European contexts of their research field and to collect material for their own research. Reference regions will profit from new expertise and a different perspective on Urban Agriculture brought to their region by Early Stage Researchers.

Generally STSMs will precede a WG meeting or conference as a stay of two Early Stage Researchers in the same reference region for two weeks. The results of the STSMs will be reported on during the conference.

Training Schools - add a future-oriented element to the COST UAE. In Training Schools Early Stage researchers find an opportunity for capacity-building by problem solving. A team of about 20 Early Stage Researchers from multi-disciplinary backgrounds meets in one of the COST UAE reference regions and will be confronted to actual problems of UA in the region. During one week the team will work on new concepts for UA adapted to the regional context. The Training Schools will take place in close contact with the regional stakeholders of UA and allow ESR to develop their competences in interdisciplinary and transnational cooperation.

Upcoming events of COST Action Urban Agriculture Europe will be:

Final Event "Urban Agriculture and the European Agenda", Brussels, 23/02/2016

Previous events of COST Action Urban Agriculture Europe have been:

COST UAE Conference in Milano in September 2015

6th Working Group Meeting in Sofia in April 2015

Joint Training School "Urban Food Production" in Ljubljana in October 2014

Training School "Urban Agriculture inside the City" in Vitoria-Gasteiz in September 2014

5th Working group Meeting in Lausanne in September 2014

4th Working Group Meeting in Warsaw in April 2014

Training School "From Farming near the city to farming with the city" in Toulouse, November 2013

3rd Working Group meeting in Dublin, September 2013

2nd Working Group Conference in Barcelona, 12 – 15/03/13

two Short Term Scientific Missions to the Barcelona Region in February/March 2013

Training School “Understanding participation” in Malmoe 25 – 28/11/12

1st Working Group Meeting in Aachen, 9 – 12/07/12