Dr. Paola Migliorini

Institution: University of Gastronomic Science
Position: Assistant Professor
Profession: Senior researcher and teacher
Country: Italy

General research interest:

  • agricultural model, agro-ecosystem studies and agroecological approach:  agroecology, organic agriculture, sustainable diets, GMO;
  • sustainability evaluation with agroecological indicators: soil fertility, biodiversity, energy efficiencies;
  • Organic production systems and effect on the products: comparison of different varieties (old vs modern varieties of wheat for organic bread) and comparison of different agronomic techniques on cultivated crop (e.i. organic fertilizers, use of mycorrhizae, mechanical weeding, organic treatments)
  • Long-term experiment confronting organic vs conventional agriculture
  • Urban and Peri-urban agriculture

COST UAE research interest:

  • what kind of agricultural model are?
  • in which aspect those systems are/aren’t sustainable (ecological, economical, socio-cultural)?
  • How to remove barriers to adopt agroecological approach?