Raffaella Radoccia

Institution: G. D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara - Istituto Nazionale Urbanistica (INU) National Institute of Planning - Department of Architecture – Sezione Abruzzo e Molise
Position: phd researcher  – Member of the section
Profession: Architect, PhD in Urban planning
Country: Italy

General research interest:

  • urban and territorial planning, sustainable and local development, EU cohesion policies and public policies evaluation

COST UAE research interest:

  • common agricultural policies as innovative research field for local and regional policies
  • urban regeneration planning, naturalistic spatial planning, agricultural parks and landscape, especially in Medio - Adriatic Regions (Abruzzo – Pescara)
  • environmental analysis in planning instruments to identify, understand and assess the landscape qualities, the uses of land and their impacts on nature’s resources in order to define a set of measures and objectives to preserve and improve the general environmental characters