Prof. Laurent Daune

Institution: HES-SO -University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, hepia Geneva – technology, architecture and landscape
Position: Leading professor «Landscape Project» research group at Hepia
Profession:  Landscape Architect
Country: Switzerland

 General research interest:

  • greenwalls system: Ecological functions of “greenwall systems” (an ecological constructive system including vegetation) on an urban scale
  • urban development in alpine territories: Rediscovering the inherent links to the landscape of mountain villages
  • anticipating dangerous situations related to mountains and climatic changes

COST UAE research interest:

  • landscape urbanism: Rethinking the countryside, fields, and public spaces in order to define the urban form and identify landscape structures. The research, including masterplans for different communities, is based on an approach where the organisation of the landscape determines the organisation of the urban environment. The overview focuses on the relationships between urban centre and agricultural land
  • paysage FVG: Survey and diagnotic of territories for the Geneva departement of regional masterplanning “Plan Paysage de l’agglomération Franco-Valdo genevoise”