Carlos Verdaguer Viana-Cárdenas

Institution: gea 21 (Grupo de Estudios y Alternativas) - Technical University of Madrid (School of Architecture) /Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
Position: Senior Partner and Associate Professor
Profession: architect and urban planner
Country: Spain

 General research interest:

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of Integrated Urban Sustainability Projects
  • Governance and Citizen Participation and implementation and development of Community Planning methodologies
  • Sustainability at territorial scale
  • ecological urban regeneration and renewal
  • territorial patterns for sustainable mobility
  • agricultural uses in peri-urban and urban land

COST UAE research interest:

  • TERRITORIAL SUSTAINABILITY: Connections and synergies among mobility, agriculture, landscape and urban planning; insertion and conservation of agricultural uses in the metropolitan area around and between cities (zwischenstadt); land use policies in the urban fringe; multifunctional urban landscapes; cultural landscapes and agriculture
  • URBAN SUSTAINABILITY: Urban renewal, recycling of brownfields and greening of the city through urban and peri-urban agriculture; food security and flows of energy and matter within the urban framework; farmers and retail markets and revitalization of public space
  • GOVERNANCE: Food security and citizen participation; food marketing circuits for sustainability