Dr. Thomas van Elsen

Institution: Universität Kassel / Petrarca - European Academy for the Culture of Landscape
Position: researcher
Profession: Biologist
Country: Germany

General research interest:

Social and Multifunctional Farming; Biodiversity and sustainable Land-Use. Leader of working group 3 (policies and green care) within COST Action 866 “Green Care in Agriculture” (2006-2010). Founder of the German Community of Practice “Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Soziale Landwirtschaft” DASoL, www.soziale-landwirtschaft.de). Social farming as a tool for improving farming systems and landscape development. Education in Social Farming (EU-projects DIANA and MAIE). Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

 COST UAE research interest:

  • urban farming and social issues: social farming in urban areas?
  • impact of urban farming on biodiversity
  • urban farming and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • urban farming as a tool for awareness rising (nature values)
  • urban farming and organic agriculture (sustainability of land use)