Short Term Scientific Missions Barcelona Metropolitan Region

february/march 2013

COST Action Urban Agriculture Europe proposes 2 Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) preceeding the 2nd Working Group Meeting of the Action in Castelldefels (Barcelona).

The Management Committee has entrusted the STSMs to

Giulia Giacche University of Perugia - Department of Economic and Food Sciences
Attila Toth Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra - Department of Garden and Landscape Architecture

The two STSMs have been completed successfully and found great attention from the public of the Working Group Conference held in Barcelona.

The report can be downloaded.

STSM report UA in Barcelona Metropolitan Region
Author:Giulia Giacche, Attila Toth
Published:Barcelona, 25/02-15/03/2013
File size:5,51 MB

Report of the two STSMs completed by Giulia Giacche and Attila Toth on the types of Urban Agriculture that can be found in Barcelona Metropolitan Region
Call for applications: STSMs Barcelona
Author:Luis Maldonado / Axel Timpe
File size:34,02 KB

The document contains all information on the subject of the STSMs and guidelines how to apply.